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the Chronicles

Ancient AfRaKan Mythology

For those who study the Ancient Egyptians and/or Kemet; Indigo Ptah's stories turn Metaphors into Myths.

And for those new to the subject matter, the interaction of the pantheon with hue-mans will encourage readers to Seek what is Seeking them.

The progressive stories may seem controversial; but are lively and non-confrontation.

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Author's Narrative

Written from a unique perspective...

21st Century Conciousness The main antagonist of her works is labeled Systematic Internal Societal Illness, SISI; where the misuse of spirituality is emphasized. Along with the ills of Patriarchy abuse.

The stories are written with “Matrialinear” energy to described in the power of the Ankh… where womban are creators and men support all of creation.

Overall, the concept of “Personal Agency” is encouraged for readers to expand their thoughts on their own individuality… and how it fits into the Universe.

A Glossary of Terms and Characters is provided at the end of the books to assist with unfamiliar spellings and inferances.

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